Teledaktar is a non-profit initiative of theSTEPS.org with the aim to make medical care accessible to the ultra-poor, especially women and children, who are the most vulnerable group of Bangladesh. Currently only 40% of our population receives some kind of state medical care with qualified health workers who are concentrated in urban secondary and tertiary hospitals.This makes it very difficult for the 70% of the population, who lives in rural area, to access quality medical care. In response to this social challenge the mission of Teledaktar programme is to provide free quality medical services to the poor and ultra-poor community who lives in rural and remote regions of Bangladesh.

‘Teledaktar” provides “tele-medicine” services through remote delivery which includes health assessments or consultations over internet communications. This communication allows healthcare providers to evaluate, diagnose and treat patients using common technology, such as video conferencing, without the need for an in-person visit. Clients (especially women) are able to connect via a video portal with qualified female doctors based in the capital city of Dhaka. After the initial consultation a personalized prescription is automatically printed out for the patients to purchase any required medicines from a local pharmacy. Another important part of the tele-medicine service is also to record the medical history of the patients in digital files which can be provided to the patients free of cost when requested if further treatment becomes necessary. Teledaktar service is in very high demand in rural area as it allows the patients to access high quality medical services without travel time and expense.

We visualize a rural Bangladesh where telemedicine is within the reach of each and every person whenever the need arises.

Teledaktar service is available in the following areas:

Teledaktar Service will be offered in the following areas in future:

So far we have served

Patients of which are female.

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Lions Clubs International donated 6 boxes of medical equipment, each containing a BP monitor, diabetic kit, weighing scale and thermometer.

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