NPR Visit

14 September 2019


Allison Joyce is an American photojournalist with over a decade of experience working in the United States and internationally. She is based in Bangladesh and has been covering the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh since 2010. She works regularly as a stringer for Getty Images and has also contributed work to clients and publications such as the Washington Post, New York Times, National Geographic, Bloomberg, TIME, Marie Claire, NPR, Associated Press, and Reuters.

Jennifer Chowdhury is an independent journalist and writer based in New York and Bangladesh. She covers the South Asian diaspora with a specific focus on the Bangladeshi demographic. Jennifer is the 2018 Reporting Fellow for the South Asian Journalists Association focusing on Rohingya refugee women.

In September, both Ms Joyce and Ms Chowdhury visited the remote chars of Gaibandha, Golna and Pepulia, to observe the Teledaktar service provided by in that region. The purpose of the visit was to experience and document the Teledaktar service for an article to be published in National Public Radio website in the USA.